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Historical Fiction

The Last Days of Night – Graham Moore

The Last Days of Night - Graham Moore

The Last Days of Night – Graham Moore

The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore is in the words of Gillian Flynn….

“Mesmerizing, clever, and absolutely crackling, The Last Days of Night is a triumph of imagination.  Graham Moore has chosen the Gilded Age of New York as his playground, with outstanding characters – Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse – as hi players. The result is a beautifully researched , endlessly entertaining novel that will leave you buzzing.”

I confess that I have never read much about Thomas Edison. That’s probably not a good thing for a fellow New Jerseyian to say is it? Of course I know all about all the cool things that Edison invented like the light bulb and phonograph, What I didn’t know about are the things that form the basis of this fantastic book. Those things being Edison’s law suits 312 of them against George Westinghouse and the battle wage by those two inventors over Alternating and Direct current.

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Five Books for the End of February…..

The Last Days of Night - Graham Moore one of my Feb-March books

And the Beginning of March..….

Since there are only six days left in February, I will probably not finish any more books. That means I will end the month having read five books.And I will have read thirteen books in 2017. But maybe just maybe one I will be able to finish one of the following five books. Even if I don’t finish any of the books I will a good start on March;s reads!

Five Proposed Reads for the End of February and March

Books I am Currently Reading….

I have already started two of the five books I currently have checked out from the library. Here are the two that I have started

Long Days of Night – Graham Moore

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Jack 1939 – Francine Mathews

Jack 1939 – Francine Mathews’s story of JFK in Europe in 1939

The inspiration for the historical novel Jack 1939 came to author Francine Mathew after seeing a photograph of John Kennedy on a street in Germany in 1937. She writes this about the picture..he was….

….wearing clothes he’d probably slept in for a week, tousled hair, head thrown back , mouth opened in a grin. He was  juggling fruit for the camera. He looked like a wild and free street busker without a care in the world; he was also rail thin, the bones in his face painfully prominent I forgot completely that he had ever been that young. The image haunted me for weeks. I wanted to know more about that boy….

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