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Book 13 – New Author – Roger Smith

So this is the fourth country visited in my quest to read twelve books sent in different countries. So far I have read books set in Canada, Russia, and Australia and now Mixed Blood by Roger Smith set in South Africa, by far the least favorite place to visit of the four!  Book 13 of the year is a gritty book filled with murder, drugs, crooked cops, poverty and despair! The story opens with Jack Burn his wife Susan and son Matt on the run in South Africa after Jack becomes involved in a bank robbery which goes bad leaving a policeman dead. One night two black gangstas climb into their rented home.  To save his family, Jack kills the two men and his life goes downhill from there. read more

No Time for Goodbye – Linwood Barclay

No Time for GoodbyeLinwood Barclay (Book 12 of 2010)

Book No 12 of 2010 is Linwood Barclay’s No Time for Goodbye. What would you do if one day you were a normal fourteen year old with a mother, father and brother. You get caught with a boy in a car at the mall drinking, your father pulls your butt out of the car, you go to bed, wake up the next morning and YOUR FAMILY is GONE! no note, no evidence of a fight or struggle they are just gone! That what happens to Cynthia Bigge in No Time for Goodbye.

The story picks up 25 years later, Cynthia is now married to Terry Archer and they have an eight year old daughter Grace. She has lived with this mystery for twenty five years and now things are happening that are opening all the wounds. Is the brown car really following her family? How did her father’s hat get in the house? What’s happening? read more

Parnell Hall – You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled (Puzzle Lady #8) Book 11 of 2010

You Have the Right to Remian Puzzled 2 Book No. 11 for 2010 is the 8th book in the Puzzle Lady series by Parnell Hall, You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled. Now I read my first book in the other series by Parnell Hall featuring Stanley Hastings in 1991 and have loved that series. I read the my first Puzzle Lady book,  Book 1 A Clue for the Puzzle Lady of the series in 2000. Why I’ve waited ten years to read another I don’t know! Maybe it’s like being an Mets fan and not being able to root for the Yankees or the Giants and the Jets anyway to hell with that, I loved this book! read more

Forgotten Books – November Man

I have seen other bloggers post about Forgotten Books and I’ve done Forgotten Music so here is a post about forgotten books. I started keeping a book journal in 1987 writing down the date I read the book and some thoughts and sometimes ratings. So going back through the early book, I came across a series that I really enjoyed the November Man series by Bill Granger. Looking back at March of 1988 and 1989 I read a November Man novel in each year. In 1988 it was the 8th book in the series The Infant of Prague, which I gave 3 stars and said it was better than the previous book I had read  Hemingway’s Notebook. The brief blurb I wrote says Devereaux tries to bring a defector from Czechoslovakia. My comments says the story kept moving and the ending was satisfying! Here is the synopsis at Amazon. read more

Book 9 -2010 – Redemption Street

While I am still working my way through The Midnight House I finished book 9 of 2010 Reed Farrel Coleman‘s Redemption Street. Redemption Street is the second book in Coleman’s Moe Prager series and my first read of this series. Prager is a retired New York City police officer, now running a wine shop with his brother. The story opens when a vagrant Arthur Rosen  comes into the shop and wants Prager to find his sister Karen, only problem is that his sister died in a fire in the Catskills sixteen years prior, with two other girls and sixteen other guests. Rosen, his sister and the other girls all went to the same high school as Prager, with one of the girls being a major crush of Prager’s.  Rosen is convinced his sister is still alive. Prager brushes him off as a crazy and when he goes to apologize a few days later, Rosen finds him, shortly after he has committed suicide and Prager’s name written in blood on his wall. So Prager sets out to set things right and find out what really happened the night of the fire. read more

Book 8 – Red Sky at Night

While this book is my first read of a book by James W. Hall it is the sixth book in the eleven book series featuring Hall’s  iconoclast beach bum fisherman Thorn. (Anyone know his full name?). The book centers around the senseless slaughter of eleven dolphins at a Key West park that Thorn and his current girlfriend Monica had visited a few days previous. The slaughter is tied to the experiments in pain alleviation being performed on wounded veterans by an old boyfriend of Thorn’s Bean Wilson Jr. Wilson is also being investigated by the DEA for illegal actions and they have placed an undercover agent Greta Masterson in Wilson’s clinic. As Thorn starts to investigate he becomes a target and the rest of the story revolves around solving the mystery of the slaughter of the dolphins and rescuing Greta! read more

Dark Tiger – William G Tapply (Stoney Calhoun #3) Book 7 of 2010gxz o

Dark Tiger Book 7 of 2010 – Dark Tiger is most likely the last Stoney Calhoun novel by William G. Tapply. Tapply passed away in July of 2009 after a battle with leukemia.  Tapply is best known for his Brady Coyne series which spanned twenty-six years and twenty-five books. Dark Tiger is the third book in the Stoney Calhoun series. Stonewall Jackson Calhoun is currently afishing  guide in Maine and runs a bait shop with his lover Kate Balaban.

Stoney has a past that he doesn’t quite remember, a result of being struck by lightening years ago. Through glimpses of muscle memory and other memory flashes Stoney knows he was a trained agent of some sort.  Now though he runs his bait shop and  occasionally serves as a deputy sheriff when the need arises. Keeping an eye on Stoney is “The Man in the Suit” who knows about Stoney’s past but he’s not telling and every so often pops into Stoney’s life  checking on Stoney’s memory. read more

A Whisper to the Living (Porfiry Rostnikov #16) – Stuart Kaminsky (Book 6 – 2010)

I wrote two weeks ago about the loss of William G. Tapply and Stuart Kaminsky, two of my favorite authors. Well, a few days after I writing that post, I checked Stuart Kaminsky’s latest an maybe last novel in the  Porfiry Rostnikov out of the library and returned to Moscow. It was good to be among old friends, Porfiry, his wife Sara, son Iosef and his fiancé  Elena Timofeyeva, and Porfiry’s other team members Emil Karpo, Sasha Tkach, and Arkady Zelach.

As usual the story lines were all interesting. While Porfiry was on the trail of the Bitsevsky Park Maniac, a serial killer who was trying to set the record for the most murders by a Moscow serial killer, Sasha and Elena were  protecting a British journalist Iris Templeton, who was researching  a Moscow prostitution ring.  Arkady and Iosef  had their hands full hunting down Ivan “The Giant” Medivkin, a heavyweight contender, wanted for the murder of his wife and sparring partner, who were found dead in a Moscow Hotel. In the background of all these events swirl the undercurrents of Russian political intrigue , and family life, as Iosef and Elena are set to marry, and Sasha, while sleeping with the women he is protecting still pines for his wife and children, who are in Kiev (having left him for his infidelities). read more

Abandoned – Cody McFadyen

Abandoned (A Thriller) Abandoned  is the fourth book in the Smokey Barrett series by Cody McFadyen and in my opinion it may be his best! Smokey is an FBI agent and leader of the LA branch of the  National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC). They hunt down the worst men and women who murder men, women and children and serial rapists too.  Smokey is also a survivor.  She lives with the scars on her face, left after a killer broke into her house and killed her husband Matt and daughter Alexa.  The previous books, Shadow Man, The Face of Death, and The Dark Side have all been outstanding. I thoroughly enjoy McFadyen’s writing and the characters that live in these books. These characters include  members of Smoky’s team,  Callie Thorne, Alan Washington, James Giron, and Leo Carnes, who plays a big role in this book.  Smokey’s adopted daughter Bonnie, who is also a survivor, having been tied to her dead mother for three days, and Tommy,  Smoky’s new husband, all combine to make the novels  extend far beyond the chase of a killer. MaFadyen’s first book, Shadow Man was a particular favorite and one of the best debut novels I have ever read. read more

Forty Words For Sorrow – Giles Blunt

Forty Words for Sorrow

Forty Words for Sorrow is the first Giles Blunt book I’ve read and the first book in the John Cardinal series. Set in Algonquin Bay Canada, John Cardinal is a former Toronto police officer now back on the force in his hometown. He is a former homicide detective who had been transfered out of the homicide division after he spent too much time on two missing children cases Katie Pine and Billy LaBelle. When the mutilated body of Katie Pine is discovered in a block of ice in an abandoned mine shaft, Cardinal is transfered back to homicide and sets out to find the serial killer. Cardinal is aided by Lise Delorme a former Special Investigator, who in fact is still investigating Cardinal! . Cardinal is  married with a daughter at Yale in the Master of Fine Arts program and a wife in a mental hospital and how he can afford both is part of the reason for Delorme’s investigation and Cardinal’s guilty conscience. Read more from Giles Blunt’s web page here read more