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2016 Reads

Home – Harlan Coben

Home - Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben – Home – (Myron Bolitar # 11)

Home is the book 11 in the Myron Bolitar series from Harlan Coben. Once again Harlan both fictionally and writingwise brings it Home! Home revolves around the ten year-old kidnapping of two boys Patrick and Rhys. The boys were captured, while they were playing at Patrick’s home. The kidnappers demanded ransom but nothing more was heard  about the boys. Until Rhys’ mother Brooke receives an anonymous tip that Patrick was spotted in London. Quickly, she calls her brother Win Lockwood to check it out. Win tracks down Patrick in London. He kills three men hassling Patrick, but Patrick flees the site. So Win calls his best friend Myron Bolitar for help!! They find Patrick and bring him Home but questions remain unanswered…. read more

The Twenty Three – Book 3 of the Promise Falls Trilogy

The Twenty Three - Linwood Barclay
Linwood Barclay  – The Promise Falls Trilogy

One of m favorite author over the last several years has been Linwood Barclay. His books are always very interesting and they are very character driven. Most times the story revolves around one main character who is thrust into an extraordinary situation. While Barclay’s book are considered stand alone thrillers Barclay has brought back characters for a second go-around. No Safe House was the second installment in the story of Terry Archer and his family. No Safe House picks up the story of the Archer family seven years after the events recounted in No Time for Goodbye read more

An Excellent Return to the Outer Hebrides in Peter May’s Coffin Road

Yesterday I finished Home by Harlan Coben, the 47th book I have read in 2016. It is also the fifth book that I have finished in November. My goal for the year was to read 60 books. To meet that goal I needed to read five books per month. Unfortunately there have been more than a few months where I came up short of that goal. So right now I would need to read 13 books over the next 4 plus weeks to get to 60! So I looks like that I will not reach my goal of 60 books. However, I will surpass 50 books and if I read five more books I will beat last years total of 51 books. Wish me luck! read more

The Kept Woman Another Winner From Karin Slaughter

The Kept Woman - Karin Slaughter

So I have not been able to write anything much since November 8th. Election Day the day America, as I know it, may have died! Anyway even through I haven’t been writing, I have been reading. As such, I have finish four books this month. The first one was Redemption Road by John Hart. I wrote about Redemption Road earlier in the month. The second was the latest Will Trent novel from Karin Slaughter The Kept Woman.

The Kept Woman – Karin Slaughter (Will Trent #7 )

Karin Slaughter has been one of my favorite authors since I read KissCut the second book in her Grant County series. Since then I have read all of her books. It took me a while before I read the first Will Trent book, but once I read the first book that series has been a favorite, too. For several years now Sara Linton a character from the Grant County series has been a central figure in the Will Trent series. Sara was a pediatrician and part-time medical examiner in the Grant County series..After leaving Grant County Sara became staff member at an Atlanta Hospital., In The Kept Woman, she has left the hospital and joined Will Trent and Faith Mitchell as a member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) read more

Will Redemption Road lead to John Hart’s third Edgar?

Redemption Road - John Hart
Redemption Road – John Hart 

There is a simple reason that John Hart is the only author to win back-to-back Edgars for best novel and I’ll let author David Baldacci tell you what it is…….

“John Hart can flat-out write….. read this novel and then go back and read all of his others. He’s that good”

I’ve been waiting for five years for a new John Hart book and, well, Redemption Road, his latest, was worth the wait!! It may well win Hart his third Edgar for best novel. Again, I’ll let some of his fellow authors tell you about Redemption Road….. read more

September 2016 – A Review of the Six Books I Read!

The Second Life of Nick Mason - Steve Hamilton
September 2016 – Six Books Read in a Busy Month! Yeah Me!

I had a great reading month in September of 2016. I finished the five books on the above slider and they all were really good. The books I read came from a variety of genres. There was; a mystery from one of my favorite authors The Second Life of Nick Mason, a non-fiction book history book The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascom, an award-winning general fiction – Life of Pi from Yann Martell, a science fiction space opera Dark Run by Mike Brooks, and a political thriller Red Cell from Mark Henshaw. I think that a pretty good mix of genres! read more

Dark Run – Mike Brooks (Keiko Book #1)

Dark Run – Mike Brooks Leaves Me Ready for Book # 2 

Last week I checked out  Dark Run by Mike Brooks from my library. I was not looking for a science fiction book, when I spotted the book. But after reading a couple of the quotes on the back of the book, I was intrigued. This is the one that won me over…..

“Dark Run is a thrill ride of non-stop action, wisecrackery, and adventure in the vast vaults of outer space. I look forward to revisiting Ichabod Drift and the crew of the Keiko time and again” – Luke Scull author of the Grim Company read more

The Winter Fortress – How Nine Norwegians Saved the World!!

The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler’s Atomic Bomb – Neal Bascomb

The Winter Fortress recounts the tale of the 1942 sabotage of the Vemork hydroelectric plant in Norway. The plant was one of the few places in the world that produced heavy water. Nazi Germany wanted all the heavy water that Norway could produce.. Heavy water was a key element for the production of an atomic bomb. I never had really heard of the mission before reading the book, but now I feel that I lived through it! Bascomb did a great job researching and writing The Winter Fortress, The book reads more like an action novel than a work of non-fiction. read more

Think of a Number – John Verdon

Think of a Number - John Verdon
Think of a Number – John Verdon – David Gurney Book 1 
Book 29 0f 2016

John Verdon’s  debut novel Think of a Number has  been on my To Be Read bookshelves for a very long time. Each time I pass the book, I say to myself “you know you should read that book”. Until last week, my answer was “I’ll get to it one of these days!”. Well, one of these days came last week and now I can kick myself for not reading it earlier!! Maybe I should have just taken the time to read the David Baldacci quote on the cover:

“Remarkable…The writing is haunting and quotable. the twists expertly placed and infinitely plausible… You can read the book as a game of cat and mouse, a ride of chilling suspense or a literary repast, since it provides all in abundance.” read more

Jack 1939 – Francine Mathews

Jack 1939 – Francine Mathews’s story of JFK in Europe in 1939

The inspiration for the historical novel Jack 1939 came to author Francine Mathew after seeing a photograph of John Kennedy on a street in Germany in 1937. She writes this about the picture..he was….

….wearing clothes he’d probably slept in for a week, tousled hair, head thrown back , mouth opened in a grin. He was  juggling fruit for the camera. He looked like a wild and free street busker without a care in the world; he was also rail thin, the bones in his face painfully prominent I forgot completely that he had ever been that young. The image haunted me for weeks. I wanted to know more about that boy…. read more