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Mid-May 2017 Reading Challenges Update

Mid-May Reading Challenge Update…

Ok so I really must apologize for not posting here for a fairly long time. But just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading or listening. So in the next few posts I will try to catch up and then maybe get back on a more regular schedule for posting.

My April – May Reads

in my last post about reading I presented the four books that I planned to read in the remaining days of April and on into May. The four books were: Exit West by Moshin Hamid, The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu, The Nowhere Man from Gregg Hurwitz and The Fifth Element by Jorgon Brekke read more

2017 Reading Challenges Mini-Update (Feb 6, 2017)

An Amazing Start on My 2017 Reading Challenges

Ok so I do believe that I would be hard pressed to find two months in the last 15 years where I have read more books than January and February of 2017. In January I read  books and so far in February I have read three more! Bringing 2017’s total of books read to 11! In order to achieve my 2017 Reading Challenge goal of 60 books, I need to average 5 books per month.  I am already above that average in the first week of February!! Goodreads says that right now I am 5 books ahead of schedule! Woo Hoo! read more

This Man Reads…. Proposed January Reads

Lazarus War:Artefact a proposed January Reading Challenge Read

Proposed January Reading Challenge Reads!

In order to reach my goal of reading 60 books in 2017, I will need to read an average of five books per month.Here are my proposed reads for January of 2017

Reading Challenge: Nonfiction
  1. How to Run the World Parag Khanna

I read Connectivity by Parag Khanna a few months ago. I was fascinated by his analysis of the way that the supply chain has connected the world. This book was written a few years before Connectivity. I love geography and love to learn about the world around me, and right now Parag Khanna may be the best writing about it today!

Reading Challenge: Science Fiction

2. Lazarus War: Artefact – Jamie Sawyer read more

This Man Read’s 2017 Reading Challenges…

The foundation of This Man Reads reading challenges!

This Man Reads 2017 Reading Challenges…..

Two  years ago I signed up for several Reading Challenges on various websites. The result was that the challenges helped me remain more focused with my reading. So last year I created my own Reading Challenges. They were meant to keep me focused and reading a variety of books. So here is my 2017 version.

I probably should have created these reading challenges back  in December, but I was too busy trying to get past 51 books to do it!   But you know that they always say,”Better Late than Never”. So here are my 2017 Reading Challenges. My overall reading challenge is to read 60 books. I didn’t reach that goal in 2016, but I did read more books in 2016 that 2015 so maybe I can reach the goal this year!! read more

A 2016 Reading Challenges Wrap-Up

Runaway - Peter May a reading challenges book

So since Christmas I have been very bad about writing anything. Sometimes I find myself in a writing funk and well this is one of those times!  We had a great Christmas and like everyone it went by to quickly. Our whole family spent the morning at.Andrew and Meaghan’s . It’s the one house that has enough room for all of us and all the presents for everyone, particularly the two little ones!

Anyway everyone had a good time and I think all of the kids big and little liked their presents. I know I liked mine! I’ll write more about mine over the weekend. read more

Update: With December Reads, I Tie 2015 Total!

With Four Books Read in December I Tie My 2015 Total Books Read

So I haven’t posted anything for a week, but that doesn’t mean that things haven’t been happening. Hey, it’s Christmas time there’s always lots to do! Most of it has been things around the house, but there’s also work at Target and babysitting Zoe. Then again maybe it’s just that I have been lazy about writing! The one thing that I have done is reading.   These are the four books that I have finished so far this month

December Reads

Book 48Flip – Kevin Cook – I really enjoyed this book about one of the top black comedians of the 60s and 70s. The book opened my eyes to many aspects of Wilson’s life. The of the aspects of his life that I knew little about was his early life and his drug use before and during his famous TV show. The book did bring back a lot of memories and smiles though. It has been many years since I.thought about :”Chris gonna’ find Ray Charles! and The Devil Made Me Do it! read more

September Reading Challenges Update!

A Quick Update of Where I Stand on My 2016 Reading Challenges

So far this month I have finished three books. They are; Life with Pi, The Winter Fortress and most recently Dark Run. This brings my total number of books read in 2016 to 35 books. My lofty goal is 60 books. So right now I am way behind the pace I need (five books per month) to read to reach that goal. However, I am not that far off the pace needed to match last years total of 51 books.

Where I Stand  on My 2016 Reading Challenges

Yesterday I sat down and reviewed where I stood on my various Reading Challenges. Here’s a tabulation of where I stand right now! read more

Reading Challenges for 2016

Renaissance Granddad’s 2016 Reading Challenges!

Well last year was the first time that I set a goals for both the overall number of books that I was going to read in the year and the types of books. I signed up for three reading challenges: Cloak and Dagger, Historical Fiction, and Nonfiction and created one of my own Science Fiction. While I kept track of the number of books I had read for each challenges I never posted at the websites where I had signed up for the challenges. I guess I should have but I was one of the few men who signed up for the challenges, so I felt kinda alone and funny posting! Also I’m lazy and a loner so it was easier just to post about the books I was reading here! read more

Reading Challenges – November 2015 Update!

Reading Challenges a November and 2015 Update!

As the end of November approaches, it’s time again to recap the books that I read this month and my reading plan for December.  Even though November has been a busy month, I have still managed to finish three books. First Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore, followed by Patrick Lee’s second book in the Sam Dryden series Signal and most recently Jonathan Kozol’s Amazing Grace:The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation. I finished Amazing Grace this evening, so I will try to write about it tomorrow. read more