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Twelve of My Favorite Mystery Reads of 2016!

2016 Mystery Reads

Twelve Great Mystery Reads of 2016

So now that the Holidays are over and I wait to see if Clemson can somehow upset mighty Alabama, Hey I attended both the University of Florida and the University of Georgia, so while I am not a big fan of Clemson, I certainly would prefer that they win the National Title!

Anyway, after seeing this list of the Best of 2016 from the Mysterious Bookshop . I decided to put together a list of my favorite mystery reads of 2016. I love books that are part of a mystery series. Therefore, the vast majority of the books I read are part of a series Here are in my 2016 favorites.The books are listed,  for the most part, in the reverse chronological order in which they were read! read more

Thoughts about Books Returned to the Library

Prisoners of Geography - Tim Marshall
Two Books Go Back to the Library Unread, Replaced by Two of My Proposed January Reads!

Ok, so who amongst you has ever  encountered this problem. It is actually something that happens to me quite often. You go to the library, either to pick something up or return something. While you’re there you know you have to look through the new releases shelves. Of course , as you scan the books several look interesting and maybe even a book you had seen, say in a book store . So you end up leaving the library with not only the books you came for but a few that you really didn’t need! Yes I always think I can read just a little bit more than I can!! read more

A 2016 Reading Challenges Wrap-Up

Runaway - Peter May a reading challenges book

So since Christmas I have been very bad about writing anything. Sometimes I find myself in a writing funk and well this is one of those times!  We had a great Christmas and like everyone it went by to quickly. Our whole family spent the morning at.Andrew and Meaghan’s . It’s the one house that has enough room for all of us and all the presents for everyone, particularly the two little ones!

Anyway everyone had a good time and I think all of the kids big and little liked their presents. I know I liked mine! I’ll write more about mine over the weekend. read more

The Winter Fortress – How Nine Norwegians Saved the World!!

The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler’s Atomic Bomb – Neal Bascomb

The Winter Fortress recounts the tale of the 1942 sabotage of the Vemork hydroelectric plant in Norway. The plant was one of the few places in the world that produced heavy water. Nazi Germany wanted all the heavy water that Norway could produce.. Heavy water was a key element for the production of an atomic bomb. I never had really heard of the mission before reading the book, but now I feel that I lived through it! Bascomb did a great job researching and writing The Winter Fortress, The book reads more like an action novel than a work of non-fiction. read more

Smorgasblog Episode 1 – Books, Music and More….

A Tasty Smorgasblog Episode 1

So what the hell is a smorgasblog?? According to the Urban Dictionary  defines a smorgasblog as….

A blog entry in which the writer writes about several different, often unrelated topics.

In yesterday’s smorgasblog he wrote about everything from global warming to what he had for breakfast to how he hates golf to his travel plans for next summer.

A blog entry in which the writer writes about several different, often unrelated topics.
In yesterday’s smorgasblog he wrote about everything from global warming to what he had for breakfast to how he hates golf to his travel plans for next summer

It seems that the word is perfect for a blogger whose thoughts and interests are all over the place! Uh, that would be me! So if you are here looking for a little bit of everything – Welcome!!

A Little Family Update

Now what’s been happening! Well, this week is the second week that I have not been babysitting my grandson Oliver at least one or  to days a week. I have been doing that since he was he was four or five months old. (He is now 27 months old and is going to daycare now five days a week, and while it is a good change from the physical side, mentally I miss him! So my wife decided that we should pick him up early on Wednesday and spend the early evening with him, which we did yesterday and it worked out well! And before you think I’ve had a bunch of time on my hands over those two weeks, think again, because our babysitting duties with our granddaughter Zoe have increased now that he mommy’s job went from part to full-time and her great-grandmother’s sitting time has been limited. But babysitting for both of them is a joy! read more

Renaissance Granddad Takes On German!!

The Tools I’m Using and an Attempt to Write some German!

Okay now for something just a little different! I confess that I am hopeless when it comes to English grammar. So for me learning German grammar is a real chore. What I have been doing is trying to use a lot of different books and approaches to learning the language. First I picked up two McGraw-Hill books at Barnes & Noble : German Vocabulary Drills and German Grammar Drills. The vocabulary book presents a ton of vocabulary. The vocabulary is grouped by topics like In the City, Clothing, Food and so forth. Each chapter has many exercises to work through. Additionally, I have another basic German textbook titled Foundation Course in German that presents the lessons in an interesting manner, read more

Where My April Reads Have Taken Me!

April’s Reads Have Taken Me to the Colorado Mountains, Wyoming’s Red Desert and a Brazilian Tepui!

Friday, when I finished Book 18 of 2016 Breaking Wild, by Dianne Les Becquets. I started thinking about how reading let’s one explore the far reaches of the world without leaving the comfort of your home. Via my April reads  I’ve visited Antarctica and the jungles of northern Brazil in The 6th Extinction from James Rollins, at one end of the world. While  Peter May’s Entry Island has taken me to Entry island located  in the Gulf of St Lawrence in the northern hemisphere! . read more

A Trip to Barnes & Noble – Five New Mysteries!

A Trip to Barnes  Noble’s Bookstore Yields Several New Interesting Mysteries

So my plan was to run again sometime over the last weekend and since I didn’t run Saturday, that left yesterday as my running day! As morning gave way to afternoon, my wife and I went shopping. She went to Home Goods and I went to Barnes & Noble. Knowing that I already have enough on my TBR shelves, I spent the time browsing and writing down the titles of books that peaked my interest. What I typically do after an excursion like yesterday’s, is to first check out the prices of the books at Amazon and then usually checking on the availability of the books at my library! Here are five new mysteries that caught my eye….. read more

No Sanctuary – Richard Laymon

Book 42 of 2015 – No Sanctuary – Richard Laymon a little less than expected….

As I was sitting around over the weekend not feeling well, I spent my time in typical fashion reading!! Did I read any of the three books that I picked up at the library on Saturday? Of course not! I read some in Gracie: A Love Story and then started No Sanctuary by Richard Laymon. I am not sure where I got the book but it has been on my TBR shelves for a long while now. Anyway, on Saturday when I was moving things around I saw the back of the book and read the following

“If you’ve missed Laymon, you’ve missed a treat” – Stephen King and read more

Reading Challenge Update for Mid-October!

2015 Reading Challenge 41 books down 10 more to go!!

So as I have said many times October has been a busy month especially the last two weeks. But in those two weeks I have finished two books first Broken Promise from Linwood Barclay and most recently Silent Creed from Alex Kava. So where does that put me on my various reading challenges. Well, the addition of these two books have brought the total number of books I’ve read to 41 which is 80% of my goal total of 51 books. Since the goal of 51 books was very lofty, I’m really happy with where I am right now!! So right now I can achieve my goal with 2 more books this month and 4 in each of the following months. But with so much competing with my time over the next few month i.e Eagles football, Sixers basketball and Flyers hockey plus the World Series I don’t know if I’ll reach my goal!! Anyway, here’s a tabulation of my reads!! read more