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A Trip to the Library… books, except maybe an Alex Kava…..

So I had to take books back to the library yesterday. both mine and my daughter Elizabeth’s. On the way I said to myself…”.You are not getting any books out of they library, you are already reading four or five books!” My response was fine, “well, how about if I only get out a book if I find something by somebody whose work I really love. like say Alex Kava!” I said this thinking I was safe because I know that Alex Kava’s books usually come out in the summer!! read more

February 2015 Reading Update…..

So it’s past the middle of February and time for a reading update. My reading for the year and my Reading Challenges has been going pretty well, I have already finished three of the five books that I have planned to read for Fenruary. The books that I have finished are

Revelation Space – Alastair Reynolds – Science Fiction and TBR Pile challenges

The Promise of a Pencil – Adam Braun – Non-Fiction Challenge

Throne of Glass –  Sarah J Maas – Fantasy – my own Sci-Fi Challenge read more

Book-Ed’s Planned February Reads

February Reads

Yes, I know that February doesn’t start until Sunday, but I thought I’d get a jump on things, because anything that I’m reading now won’t be finished until February anyway! So here are my February Reads….

Revelation SpaceRevelation SpaceAlastair Reynolds

This book is the only book that I didn’t complete from my planned January reads!!  I am actually about half-way through it, so I guess that’s too bad. It’s a fairly long book that is kinds hard to follow at times, but I am enjoying it!! read more

Book-Ed – 2015 Reading Challenge Plans

Ok so I’ve never participated in an online Reading Challenge, but after looking at various blogs it looks like a pretty great idea so I’m in! Here are the Challenges I will be participating in, along with the TBR Pile Reading Challenge. Here are the Reading Challenges with the links and sign-ups, aliong with my plans for the number of books I will read. I have also included a breakdown of where the books will come from, so that I can meet the TBR Pile Reading Challenge!

The Reading Challenges…… read more

A New Year – A New Approach monthly planning of books to read? Oh My!

A little after the beginning of January, I was exploring various book blogs and came across a blog where the writer was introducing the books that she was going to read for the month. The books were all laid out a and very artfully photographed. Aside from the very attractive picture, I was intrigued by the idea of actually saying these are th books that I am going to read this month!! See being an ADD kind of guy, I do kinda set out to read certain book, and then, well, I get distracted by another book  and off I go and the books that I planned to read, go back to the library unread!! read more


Originally Posted at Me,Myself, Music and Msyteries….

So I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions yet, because like many people I don’t think they work. You make the resolutions stick to them in January and by February you’re back to being your old self. What I want to do is to take my time look at where I want to go, how I want to improve myself and then make monthly type goals ala The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. One thing I do know that I want to do is improve this blog…one way to do that I think is to make it more personal. More about me and what I’m doing as far the books I’m reading and the music I have listened to. I’ve browsed around other book blogs to see what they do and I have gotten a few ideas. I want to continue following and reading several blogs to get additional ideas. One of the  many challenges that I saw was at It’s her 2015 TBR Pile Challenge. (To Be Read)Here’s how it works…… Carpe Librum-2015 TBR Pile Challenge read more

The Pardon and Kisscut – Great Deals at Amazon!

Check out these great Kindle deals at Amazon on two great books both are $1.99 ….

The PardonFirst The Pardon from James Grippando.

The Pardon is the first book in the Jack Swyteck series from Grippando. Book #11 in the series was released in 2014. When I read it I loved it..

From Amazon..A brilliant Miami defense attorney, Jack Swyteck has spent years rebelling against his father, Harry, currently the governor of Florida. Their relationship is strained to the limit when Harry allows one of Jack’s clients to die in the electric chair—a man Jack firmly believed was innocent. But now they will have to put their mutual animosity on a back burner, because a psychopath driven by his own twisted version of justice has placed both father and son in extreme harm’s way. Read More read more

Male Book Bloggers? and a Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

So for part of this evening I have looked at other blogs about books and reading. What I found is that a ton of them are out there, and the majority are written by women! It also appears that they do a lot of communicating between each other (something that us guys don’t do all that well. So my questions is – Are there any male book bloggers out there??? And then if there are, say hi and let’s talk!! Whatcha’ been reading??……

I also saw several interesting book reading challenges that are part of the Bout of Books 12. The one that kicked off Bout of Books 12 was from Caught Read Handed and was a bookshelf scavenger hunt. The instructions are to…… read more

Mystery Series Update: Books to Read to Start Three Great Series

As I looked down the list of Nook books that were on sale yesterday at Barnes & Noble I saw three books that are on my to be read (TBR) shelves, so here are those mystery series first books!! Maybe I’ll get to them this year!!

Elvis Cole Mystery Series

1. The Monkey’s Raincoat Elvis Cole and Joe Pike – Robert Crais – I have read many of the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike books and the stand alone Joe Pike books. Holmes had Watson, Bolitar has Win, Joe Pickett has Nate Romanowski and ELvis Cole has Joe Pike, his right-hand man who can always get that questionable job done! I really don’t know why I haven’t read this book yet. Actually, I haven’t read the last couple of Crais’ books. Maybe reading this book would be a great way to get back into this great mystery series! read more