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James Lee Burke

In 1987, after having only one book published in fifteen years, James Lee Burke, at the suggestion of a friend, turned to James Lee Burjewriting crime fiction. In The Neon Rain, Burke introduced the world to a Cajun recovering alcoholic police detective named Dave Robicheaux and launched his career as a bestselling author. The first Robicheaux novel I read was the 1989 Edgar Award winning novel Black Cherry Blues. From that novel:

“. . . I had found the edge. The place where you unstrap all your fastenings to the earth, to what you are what you have been, where you flame out on the edge of the spheres, and the sun and moon become eclipsed and the world below is as dead and remote and without interest as if it were glazed with ice. ”
— James Lee Burke (Black Cherry Blues: A Dave Robicheaux Nove read more

Cork O’Connor – William Kent Krueger

Cork O’Connor

William Kent Krueger is the author of  nine books featuring ex-Sheriff, Private Investigator, husband, and father Cork O’ Connor of Tamarack County, Minnesota. The first book that I read in this series was Purgatory Ridge. I thought it was one of the best books I ever read and quickly went back and read the first two Iron Lake and Boundary Waters. Since then I have religiously kept up with this series and I think it keeps getting better and better with Heaven’s Keep the latest release as maybe the best! The characters in these books from Cork, to wife Jo, Cork’s kids and Henry Meloux, my favorite characters, are believable and the writing is wonderful. The books, to me, always work on several levels as they explore relationships sometimes personal between Cork and Jo or cultural between Cork’s job and his Ojibwe heritage as well as the crimes that ofttimes form the core of the novels. Two of my favorites are Mercy Falls and Copper River where the storyline continues through both novels. To me Krueger is an 11 on as scale of 1 to 10! In praise of Red Knife…. read more

Forty Words For Sorrow – Giles Blunt

Forty Words for Sorrow

Forty Words for Sorrow is the first Giles Blunt book I’ve read and the first book in the John Cardinal series. Set in Algonquin Bay Canada, John Cardinal is a former Toronto police officer now back on the force in his hometown. He is a former homicide detective who had been transfered out of the homicide division after he spent too much time on two missing children cases Katie Pine and Billy LaBelle. When the mutilated body of Katie Pine is discovered in a block of ice in an abandoned mine shaft, Cardinal is transfered back to homicide and sets out to find the serial killer. Cardinal is aided by Lise Delorme a former Special Investigator, who in fact is still investigating Cardinal! . Cardinal is  married with a daughter at Yale in the Master of Fine Arts program and a wife in a mental hospital and how he can afford both is part of the reason for Delorme’s investigation and Cardinal’s guilty conscience. Read more from Giles Blunt’s web page here read more