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Reading Challenge Update – Late December 2015

With 51 Books Read RGranddad Reaches His Overall Goal!

With the end of 2015 two days away, last night I finished the 51st book I’ve read for the year The Politics of Deception JFK’s Secret Decisions on Vietnam, Civil Rights and Cuba, thereby reaching the lofty goal of 5I books I set at the beginning of the year! Overall, it is the most books that I have read in a year since 2009!

Now while I did meet the overall goal for books read, I did fall short on two reading challenges. I only read nine of eleven nonfiction books and nine of twelve books for the science fiction reading challenge!! But considering last year I only read seven nonfiction books, and only one science fiction book. So I did read more books from those two genres!!

Now the other reading challenge I had was the TBR reading challenge, I fell short on that challenge also reading only 16 books from my TBR pile.The goal was to read 25 books from the pile! But I do think that in 2014, I  didn’t read any books from my TBR pile. Well on second thought I may have read one or two books that I had lying around!

Overall I thought it was a pretty awesome reading year. At the end of the year I will create a page with all of the books! Book 51’s review will be coming shortly and maybe I can find a short book to read so that I can hit 52!!

2015 Reading Challenge Stats

Reading Challenge From TBR Pile Buy/Library Total Goal %complete
2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge 3 6 9 11 82%
2015 Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge 7 20 27 23 117%
2015 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 3 2 5 5 100%
2015 Science Fiction/Fantasy Challenge 4 5 9 12 75%
No Reading Challenge 0 65 1 0 100%
Totals 16 51 51 100%
2015 TBR Pile Challenge 16 25

The question is now, what will the four challenges be for 2016 – I’m thinking that the core three Cloak & Dagger, Nonfiction and Science Fiction may stay the same, with maybe an alteration to make the challenge more specific. Maybe the Science Fiction will be Nebula or Hugo award winners, while the Nonfiction may be biographies! The Cloak & Dagger Challenge may be female authors!

The fourth category  I think is going to be a Classics Reading Challenge. You know all those books that I was supposed to read in English class, but somehow managed to avoid!! Anyway, I have a few more days to think about them. For now I can enjoy the fact that I had a really fine reading year!!