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September Reading Challenges Update!

A Quick Update of Where I Stand on My 2016 Reading Challenges

So far this month I have finished three books. They are; Life with Pi, The Winter Fortress and most recently Dark Run. This brings my total number of books read in 2016 to 35 books. My lofty goal is 60 books. So right now I am way behind the pace I need (five books per month) to read to reach that goal. However, I am not that far off the pace needed to match last years total of 51 books.

Where I Stand  on My 2016 Reading Challenges

Yesterday I sat down and reviewed where I stood on my various Reading Challenges. Here’s a tabulation of where I stand right now!

Ed K’s 2016 Reading Challenges TBR Library Total Goal % of Goal
2016 Literature Reading Challenge
General Fiction 1 3 3 6 50.00%
Classics 0 0 0 6 0.00%
NY Times Bestseller List 0 0 0 6 0.00%
Award-Winners 1 2 3 6 50.00%
2015 Mystery/Thriller Reading Challenge
Rgrandad’s Mysteries 3 18 21 10 210.00%
Women Mystery Book Authors 1 0 2 10 20.00%
2016 Science Fiction /Fantasy Challenge 0 0 1 6 16.67%
2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2 3 5 10 50.00%
 Total 35 60 58.33%
2016 TBR Pile Challenge 8 25 32.00%


Hmm, it looks like I am kicking  butt with those mysteries, but everything else is lagging behiind! Well, I guess I’m not doing too badly in the General Fiction, award-winners and nonfiction challenges, But it looks like I have my work cut out for me in several of the other categories!!

Books I am Currently Reading and Plan on Reading

Here’s a table of the next group of books I have started along with the books I am planning to read.

Currently Reading Challenge
Books to Finish
Connectography – Parag Khanna Nonfiction
The One Plan Nonfiction
Finding Family Nonfiction
New Books
The Lightning Stones – Jack DuBrul Ed K’s Mysteries
Spies in the Congo – Susan Williams Nonfiction
Redemption Road – John Hart General Fiction
The Last Dead Girl – Harry Dolan Ed K’s Mysteries


Maybe I should replace these two mysteries with a classic or woman/s mystery book. I could possibly even replace one with another science fiction book. I am kinda in Sci-fi mode. So maybe it won’t be hard to venture into another world. Maybe .even a sci-fi classic – something from H.G.  Wells??

Does anybody have a suggestions? Read any good books lately???