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A Trip to the Library… books, except maybe an Alex Kava…..

So I had to take books back to the library yesterday. both mine and my daughter Elizabeth’s. On the way I said to myself…”.You are not getting any books out of they library, you are already reading four or five books!” My response was fine, “well, how about if I only get out a book if I find something by somebody whose work I really love. like say Alex Kava!” I said this thinking I was safe because I know that Alex Kava’s books usually come out in the summer!! read more

Alex Kava – Maggie O’Dell Series

Alex Kava – Maggie O’Dell Series

Alex Kava is the writer of psychological suspense novels featuring FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. Her novels are always on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists as they should be because they are great! If you don’t believe me just go find the first Maggie O’Dell book I read ,A Perfect Evil and then you can come back and tell me what you thought, after you finish the current book in the series! Because after reading the first you won’t want to stop and when you do you will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! In addition to USA bestseller lists Maggie O’Dell books have hit the bestseller lists in Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy and the UK.and Kava’s books have been published in twenty-eight countries around the globe!! read more

Fireproof – Alex Kava

What’s Happening!

So,far 2013 has not been a great year, I think that I’ve missed more work both at Target and Lippincott Jacobs this month than I did all last year, as I’ve fought this upper respiratory virus. My wife his been fighting the same virus. Then top that with the loss of the son’s brother-in-law Will, and Peter’s wife’s grandfather and well it hasn’t been a great month to say the least!

There are some bright spots though first, my daughter Elizabeth has two interviews this coming week for graduate school, one with a top choice Lehigh and the other with a mid-level choice Rider, on Monday and Tuesday and another with Northeastern in Boston at the end of the month! Second I read six books during the month! read more

Damaged – Alex Kava

Damaged – Alex Kava -(Maggie O’Dell # 8)

Damaged by Alex Kava – Damaged is the eighth Kava novel featuring FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. It was a fast and interesting read. Like many of her novels Kava weaves few truths amidst the fiction. In this book Maggie is literally sent into the eye of a hurricane!.A sea chest of bodies parts has been rescued from the Gulf of Mexico and Maggie is sent to Pensacola Florida to investigate .

Meanwhile Dr. Benjamin Platt is called to Pensacola assist in discovering why young soldiers are dying after successful surgery to repair war injuries. Maggie met Platt, while being treated for exposure to the Ebloa virus in the book Exposed.. They now have a quasi-relationship. Added to all this is the threat of a Catagory 5 hurricane bearing down on Pensacola!! read more