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Book 14 of 2014 – Crissa Stone # 2 – Kings of Midnight by Wallace Stroby

Kings of MidnightSo yes, as listed under Currently Reading on my webpage, I am still reading Subversives!  I am now more than 65% of the way through the book, Reagan  just became governor of California, so the battles rages more fiercely! But while reading that, I am still reading mysteries, and just finished Book 14 for 2014, Kings of Midnight from Wallace Stroby.

Kings of Midnight is the second book in the Crissa Stone series, and  in it , Crissa, the criminal you root for, is battling to recover,  some of the millions, that now dead mob boss Joey Dios hid from a robbery thirty-five years ago!! Crissa needs the money after the profits of her latest heist, were lessened by a crook that was trying to launder the money for her.  Crissa needs to get back some of that money and maybe make one big score to help her boyfriend get out of prison, and to get her daughter back. So Crissa, is all ears when Jimmy Peaches sets  her  up with Benny Roth, a lower level member of Joey’s crew, who just may know where Joey hid the money. Only problem is that other mobsters are on the trail of the money too! read more

Book No. 8 of 2014 – Wallace Stroby’s Cold Shot to the Heart (Crissa Stone #1)

Oh Boy! I finally read a book quickly and increased this years book's read total all the way to eight!! (He says with a sarcastic sneer on his face and tone in his voice). The book was Cold Shot to the Heart and is book #1 in the Crissa Stone series from Long Branch, New Jersey native Wallace Stroby. They always say that you should write about what you know and what would a former writer for the Newark Star-Ledger know better mob related crime! (typed with Jon Stewart's mob voice ringing in my ears!)