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James Rollins – Grant Blackwood – The Kill Switch – a Tucker Wayne and Kane thriller!!

The Kill SwitchI have been a fan of James Rollins since I read Map of Bones (Sigma #2) back in 2005. In addition to all the Sigma Force novels, except for the first one, I have read three of  Rollins early stand alone novels and all are great!  The thing that I like best about the Rollins novels is – the science,  no it’s the action, no the political aspects….- the whole package!!! The Associated Press writes….

“The Science…. reads like the best of Michael Crichton.
The machinations of government read like the best of David Baldacci
And the action and thrills read like the best of Clive Cussler. Rollins takes the best of all of these and creates an amazing thriller unlike any other.” read more

Book 33 for 2013 – James Rollins – The Eye of God!

The Eye of GodWith all the music listening and writing this week, I totally forgot to write about Book No. 33 of 2013, James Rollins The Eye of God. I have been a fan of Rollins’ Sigma Force novels since I read my first Map of Bones in 2005, and have enjoyed Rollins blending of science, history and of course a lot of action into 9 terrific reads!! It’s interesting as I write this that characters that first appeared in Map of Bones play a central part in this latest novel.

Like Harlan Coban’s Six Years this book is also a quest well actually it is several quests rolled into one action packed story. The most important quest is to find the satellite IoG2 which was studying dark energy surrounding a comet that is approaching the earth. While IOG2 (Eye of God) was preparing to perform and experiment evolving the transfer of dark energy back to its sister satellite IOG the satellite became unsteady and crashed to earth before its crashed pictures of the earth were transfer to the command center where Jada Shaw an astrophysicist  whose theories of dark energy were being proven correct and Director of Sigma Force Painter Crowe were watching. The pictures showed a destroyed eastern coast of the US and more amazingly they were dated four days in the future!! So began Sigma Force’s quest was first to find the satellite whose final resting place was somewhere in Mongolia and then find out what the hell was going to happen and can it be stopped!! read more

Book 13 of 2013 – The Blood Gospel – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

The Blood GospelArchaeologist Dr. Erin Granger is working on a dig in Caesarea, Israel when an explosion rocks the Masada. The explosion splits Masada and emits a gas that kills all the visitors The explosion reveals an unknown underground chamber. Soon Sergent Jordan Stone is sent to bring Erin to the site to help and try to discover what happened!

While a crew of soldiers and Dr. Granger are exploring the chamber where they find a young child impaled on the wall using silver spikes and an open sarcophagus. A priest Rhun Korza mysteriously appears by their side in the chamber. The group is attacked by monsters of some kind and many on both sides are killed. But Father Korza saves Erin and Jordon. As the pair watch Father Korza’s actions, it becomes obvious this is no ordinary Priest!! What was buried in the chamber was a Gospel of the Bible written by Christ in his own blood – The Blood Gospel. After another attack this by a grimwwolf minion of the Belial in charge of recovering the book, Bathory, Rhun revels that while he is a priest, he is of the Order of the Sanguines a secret order within the Catholic Church composed of vampire like beings that do not feed on the blood of humans but are fortified and blessed through the drinking of consecrated wine, aka, The Blood of Christ. The attacks at Masada came from the Belial an order of vampires that the Sanguines battle. They unlike the Sanguines are not blessed and are a mean bunch! Erin and Jordon soon learn that they are to be paired with Father Korza to fulfill a prophesy to find and open the book before it falls into the hands of the Belial.
The race to find the Blood Gospel takes them to Germany and then Russia (where they meet, no I’m not telling) along the way Erin and Jordon find out more about both the Order of the Sanguines and the Belial. Throughout the book Father Korza must face not only the Belial but his own sinful past! read more

Book 17 of 2012 – Bloodline – James Rollins

So  while I didn’t finish my current read last night, I got far enough that I was able to finish Book 17 for the year, James Rollins‘ sixth book in his Sigma Force series Bloodline, and in my humble opinion this may be the best book yet.You know I wrote, that throughout The Shadow Patrol, I kept waiting for that hook to come and really reel me into the story.  Well in this book it came before the story even started, when after the Prologue, I read these words:

In U.S. history, three Presidents had died on the same day, July 4th, on the birthday of this country. It seemed beyond mere chance. read more