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In the Midst of Death – Matthew Scudder #3 – Lawrence Block

In the Midst of Death - Lawrence Block

Book 2  of 2017 – A Return to the World of Matthew Scudder….thanks to Lawrence Block

One of my Reading Challenges for 2017 is to catch up on a few of the mystery and thriller series that I am behind on. The series that I had in mind include: Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series, Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone  or maybe Alex Berenson’s John Wells series. What I didn’t envision was going back to a series whose last book I read in, oh, 1994!  Anyway, that’s what I did this week when I read In the Midst of Death – book number 3 in Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder series. I really didn’t set out to read the book. It just happened to be sitting out on a pile of books in the basement, when I was looking for something. Anyway, I picked it up, and didn’t put it down until I finished it!  Lucky for me it was only 246 pages long!!! read more

Lawrence Block “A Walk Among the Tombstones” Plus…

Lawrence Block – Mystery Writer’s Grand Master – Born June 24, 1938

Lawrence BlockA few weeks ago when we were visiting with Peter, Missy and Zoe, Missy’s mom was looking for a movie to watch. She said to Peter we don’t want A Walk Among the Tombstones because it wasn’t very good. I commented that the books was really good! She looked at me quizzically and said “there’s book” Yeah, I said by the great Lawrence Block. I bring this up today because today is Lawrence Block’s birthday. Block was born in Buffalo, New York on June 24th in 1938. read more