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Is Parnell Hall’s Puzzle Lady Series Getting Better and Better?

A Puzzle to Be Named Later - Parnell Hall

A Puzzle to Be Named Later – Parnell Hall

Ok so maybe juts maybe Parnell Hall is not going to win any major literary awards for his Puzzle Lady series. But if you are looking for a fast, funny and just enjoyable read try a Puzzle Lady book! I admit I have not read even close to the majority of the book series. I usually just pick up one of them at the library when I need a laugh break from all the murder and mayhem that I read. And the latest one that I just finished A Puzzle to Be Named Later was a welcome break after the last few intense books that I’ve finished. Especially, Chris Carter’s I Am Death and of course the ongoing circus of the Trump Administration. read more

Safari – Parnell Hall

SafariParnell Hall – Stanley Hastings Series (Book # 19)

It’s been a while since I read a nice cozy murder mystery, and while the story is set in Zambia where Stanley Hastings and his wife Alice are on a safari, that is what Safari by Parnell Hall is. This is book 19 in the Stanley Hastings mystery series and the first to be set outside of the United States.The setting of the books is usually New York City where Stanley works as a private investigator for negligence attorney Richard Rosenberg and is a thorn in the side of New York Police Department Sergeant MacAullif. In fact the only other of the books set outside of New York was another cozy mystery apply titled Cozy! In that book Stanley and Alice are on vacation at a cozy bed and breakfast in New England! read more

Book 11 of 2014 – NYPD Puzzle (Puzzle Lady #15) – Parnell Hall – (plus a video from Parnell)

Through the years one of my favorite mystery series has been Parnell Hall's Stanley Hasting mysteries. Looking at my Goodreads bookshelf I see, that there are 18 books in the series. and I have read all but one of them!! (Note to self read Caper- damn I thought I did??) That is not the case with Hall's Puzzle Lady series, there are 15 books in that series, of which I have read 3.(1,8,&15) No. 15 is NYPD Puzzle and it is book 11 for 2014....

Book 16 of 2013 Parnell Hall’s – Stakeout

stakeoutThere are several mystery characters in mystery series  that make me laugh, but two stand out first there’s Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and secondly there’s Parnell Hall’s Stanley Hastings. Stanley’s latest caper Stakeout is Book 16 of 2013.. Stakeout is the 18th book in the series that I started reading in 1991! Like all the others this one is a fine caper, which had me out laughing out loud on more than one occasion! The Washington Post Book World says this about the series: read more

Book 20 – 2011 The Baxter Trust – Parnell Hall

So one of my favorite mystery series is Parnell Hall‘s Stanley Hasting series. Well now Mr. Hall wishes to be the “King of Kindle” and as such he has placed his books at the Kindle store at bargain prices. In addition, he has put up a series he wrote under the name of J.P Hailey. These books feature a down on his luck lawyer, actor, and cab driver named Steve Winslow. Book 20 for 2011 is the first of these books The Baxter Trustand while it may not be  great literature, it is great fun! read more

Parnell Hall – You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled (Puzzle Lady #8) Book 11 of 2010

You Have the Right to Remian Puzzled 2 Book No. 11 for 2010 is the 8th book in the Puzzle Lady series by Parnell Hall, You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled. Now I read my first book in the other series by Parnell Hall featuring Stanley Hastings in 1991 and have loved that series. I read the my first Puzzle Lady book,  Book 1 A Clue for the Puzzle Lady of the series in 2000. Why I’ve waited ten years to read another I don’t know! Maybe it’s like being an Mets fan and not being able to root for the Yankees or the Giants and the Jets anyway to hell with that, I loved this book! read more