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Patrick Lee – Runner – Sam Dryden #1 – I’m ready for Book #2 – Now Patrick!

RunnerSam Dryden has retired after being an Army Ranger, a Delta, and spending five years doing off-the-book black ops with an elite team.t In Runner ,(Book 18 of 2014) the first book of the Dryden series by Patrick Lee, he has to use all his skill and cunning to keep young Rachael Grant alive.  Sam literally runs into Rachael when insomnia forces him out for a middle of the night run, and well, Rachael is on the run too only in Rachael’s case she has a passel of  military men after her using a lot of high-tech gadgetry, with one aim take her out! When Rachael runs into Sam, she hopes that he will save her  and Sam having lost his wife and child an accident five years earlier wants to do just that. read more

Book 7 of 2013 – Deep Sky – Patrick Lee

Ok so let me say this right at the beginning of the post. Book No. 7 of 2013 is the third book in the Travis Chase trilogy Deep Sky, by Patrick Lee. If you are going to read this book make sure that you read Books one, The Breech and two Ghost Country first!! Preferably you read them consecutively not like I did reading Book 2 first and then quickly going back and reading Book 1! With that said after finishing the book and having everything wrapped up and explained very nicely I feel like I want to go back and read the series again just so that I can understand everything and even then I might not understand it all! From Patrick Lee’s website: read more

Book 10 – The Breach – Patrick Lee

Book 10 of 2011 was Patrick Lee’s The Breach. The Breach is the first book of what’s now a two book series featuring Travis Chase, Paige Campbell and the Breach. The second book, which I read first is Ghost Country. The book is an action adventure book with some sci-fi thrown in. The Breach itself is an anomaly, like a ripe in space, through which entities are sent to Earth from some other vastly more intelligent world. The entity that is the focus of this book is The Whisper. The Whisper knows all and it’s mission is to cause trouble and in the book it certainly does! From the opening chapter when a plane carrying the Whisper and the First Lady of the United States goes down and the Whisper is stolen, to the last pages where the home of the Breach Border Town run by a group known as Tangent is attacked the action is fast and furious with lots of twists and turns. I really liked both of the books and I’m looking forward to more books featuring the likable team of Chase and Campbell! read more