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The Critic – Enzo Files # 2 – Peter May

The Critic - Peter May

The Critic – (Enzo Files #2) Another Winner from Peter May

So over the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time looking forward to what I want to read and back at what I’ve read. What I have actually missed though is to write about the book that I just finished. Actually, I read the majority of the book in 2016, but I didn’t finish it until New Year’s Day! So it is Book #1 of 2017!  Anyway the book was The Critic by Peter May. It is the second book in May’s Enzo Files series featuring Scottish exile and former forensic specialist Enzo Macleod. read more

An Excellent Return to the Outer Hebrides in Peter May’s Coffin Road

Yesterday I finished Home by Harlan Coben, the 47th book I have read in 2016. It is also the fifth book that I have finished in November. My goal for the year was to read 60 books. To meet that goal I needed to read five books per month. Unfortunately there have been more than a few months where I came up short of that goal. So right now I would need to read 13 books over the next 4 plus weeks to get to 60! So I looks like that I will not reach my goal of 60 books. However, I will surpass 50 books and if I read five more books I will beat last years total of 51 books. Wish me luck! read more

Book 2 in Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy – The Lewis Man – another winner!

The Lewis Man is the second book in Peter May’s wonderful Lewis Trilogy and in the words of The Guardian it is…..The Black House

“As good as its predecessor…not only a good mystery, but also a moving and evocative portrayal of a place where the weather is matched only by the church’s harsh patronage….”

The place is the Isles of Lewis, from the book’s  prologue….

On this storm lashed island three hours off the northwest coast of Scotland, what little soil exists gives the people their food and their heat. It also takes their dead. And very occasionally, as today, gives one up. read more

Book 35 of 2012 – The Black House by Peter May

The island pictures above is An Sgeir (pronounced An Skeer). The island is about 30 miles north of the Isle of Lewis, which is part of The Outer Hebrides, located off the northwest coast of Scotland. It is the home of 30,000 Gannets (Guga) of which 2,000 of the young are harvested each year by the men of Lewis. (See photos here.) The tradition goes back 400 years and is one of the center pieces of Book 35 for 2012 Peter May’The Black House. 

Fin MacLeod, grew up on the Isle of Lewis and couldn’t wait to leave when he turned eighteen. Now many years later MacLeod is an Edinburgh detective, with a loveless marriage  that is crumbling due to the death of his only son. MacLeod is sent to Lewis to aid in the solving of a grisly murder that resembles a murder he has investigated in Edinburgh. But when he gets there he has to not only hunt the murderer but also face his own past! read more