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January 2017 Reading Challenges Update – A Great Start!

My favorite January Reading Challenge Book Ruler of the Night

A Great Start for 2017 – Seven Books Read – Three in Progress

So at the start of January I wrote a post outlining my proposed reads for the  month. Typically, I read the number of books that I have proposed to read, but often the books read are not those which were proposed. I usually find and  sneak in one or two books that I discover or think of during the month. But so far in 2017, I have done well, reading four out of the five books that I had proposed. Here are the five books that I said I was going to read in January. (Links are to My Reviews) read more

Reading Challenges – November 2015 Update!

Reading Challenges a November and 2015 Update!

As the end of November approaches, it’s time again to recap the books that I read this month and my reading plan for December.  Even though November has been a busy month, I have still managed to finish three books. First Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore, followed by Patrick Lee’s second book in the Sam Dryden series Signal and most recently Jonathan Kozol’s Amazing Grace:The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation. I finished Amazing Grace this evening, so I will try to write about it tomorrow. read more