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Books on My 2017 Reading Radar …… Part 2

Viscous Circle - C J Box a book on my 2017 Reading Radar

Five More Books That Are On My Winter 2017 Reading Radar….

The Prisoner (John Wells #11 ) Jan 31, 2017

I am just a little behind, no I am a LOT behind on this series. The last book that I have read in the series is book 6 – The Shadow Patrol. Book 7 The Night Ranger is one of my many TBR shelves. The question is now do I plod along and try to read all of the books in order or jump ahead. I did the jump ahead thing a few years ago, so I think I may do that! This book sounds too good to wait for……From Goodreads….

To unmask a CIA mole, John Wells must resume his old undercover identity as an al Qaeda jihadi—and hope he can survive it—in the new cutting-edge novel from the #1 bestselling author. read more

Books on My 2017 Reading Radar…..Part 1

The Nowhere Man - Gregg Hurwitz on my 2017 reading radar

Four Books on My Winter Reading Radar

.One of the things that I am bad at is keeping track of new book released. I usually find new books either on trips to the library or Barnes & Noble. So here is a post to help me do a  better job in 2017 of keeping track of new mystery and thriller releases that look interesting to me and hopefully to you! I have nine books on my 2017 Radar so far. Here are the first four books I will try to do Part 2 tomorrow!!

The Borrowed - Chan Ho-Kei and Jeremy Tiang

The Borrowed by Chan Ho-Kei and Jeremy Tiang Jan 3, 2017

This is a totally new author to me, but I always like books from Award-winning authors…..From Amazon read more